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It's therapeutic... specially for dorks like me who communicate better when they have the chance to process their thoughts, select their words, and write precisely what they want to say. As much as I'm a "talker", I stumble, stutter, and don't always say things right. English as a second language might have something to do with that (unfortunately, I don't think I could blog in Spanish... I lost my grammar in that language). I like to pour out my thoughts and leave it out there in the cosmos (or the world wide web) for other people to mull over...

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Post surgery...

I am so thankful to have Mom and Dad visiting - I've really been able to rest.  They've cooked and cleaned the kitchen (thank God!).  If they weren't here I'd be home resting by myself, but I would have to get my own medicine and make my own meals... even though I'm not supposed to cook.

I'm thoroughly enjoying the break.  I can read, I can blog, I can take afternoon naps.  I am one happy camper!

While I was going in and out of anesthesia, I was praying for Dr. Payne and for Andrew, and I think I was dreaming about both of them.  I don't remember going under, but I remember seeing them between the surgery room and the recovery room.

It hit me last night as I was going to sleep at home, that had I waited to have children the way I planned it originally, I wouldn't have been able to have them!  I'm pretty much sterile now with these procedures.  In my wisdom, I was going to wait till I was closer to 30 to have kids and before then do everything I wanted to do.  But I kept getting pregnant, and it was so frustrating for me.

Then I think of friends who want to have children and haven't been able to get pregnant.  Or who have lost their children, and I always wonder why God was in such a rush to give me children while other people struggle.

But in God's wisdom, he knew it would take Anakin, Brielle, and Caleb to complete our family.  And I love all three of them.  They are such amazing children.  I can't imagine my life without one or the other.  And I never knew I'd have reproductive issues before I turned 30!

But God knew.  And He plans things in His timing.  And He is good! Everything He does is precisely when He means it.  He is trustworthy!

He has been holding me up, He has answered our prayers. He is always there for You.  I just thought I'd share this with whoever feels that black rainy cloud on their head.  What I've been going through does not compare to the trials that others are facing.  But nothing is too big or too small for God.  Be encouraged!

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