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Thursday, April 22, 2010

Why give to March for Babies?

I have my own personal reasons and stories of loved ones that I've shared that have passed away. And also some of my close friends have shared their stories or maybe I have. It is possible you've heard about Caiden, and my younger sister, and Elizabeth...

But now I'm praying that you read this and it moves you to donate, one way or another:

"I know how important is March for Babies. I had very sick children with different, but altogether life threatening illnesses, and I have lost a baby, between Autumn and Adella.

Autumn we almost lost at a year: born with no antibodies, the doctor said she wouldn't make it and if she did she would never have a normal life... but God was with her. She was also born with no growth cells and in 1st grade she wore a size 3-T (and the doctors said she was done growing!) yet all my friends gathered around and prayed in faith. With a new doctor, shots 3 times a week for a year, she did grow - and dealt with all the side-effects - but she said God would take care of her and He did.

My Adella was born deaf and never heard anything until she was 11 months old, and she had other problems related to that but, God was there. She now has a plastic in her ear so she can hear about (our God is awesome!).

Amanda, my angry child, had problem with how different things feel. She was a preemie, born in May though she was not supposed be here till July 4th... and my other two I had carried them for 10 months to the day, so we were expecting her around Aug. And then once she was born, she had no will to live, it was hard to see a child not fight to stay and we had to fight for her for over three months till she finally decided she wanted to stay, Prayer was there, and afterward I went to therapy with her starting when she was 18 months old. They would put her in a sand box with a diaper only and I sat with her and see her scream for weeks till she understood it wouldn't hurt her.

I could tell you stories about babies and how families need support and about how God can bring you thought it.

-Spring Boling

I know Autumn, and Adella, and "Minnow" (Amanda). They are adults, and Autumn and Adella have kids of their own... in fact, Adella just had a BEAUTIFUL baby girl - Alicia Rose - she looks like a porcelain doll!

The thing is, I read this and I can think of other moms who went through similar struggles. And I know it's hard for Angela, but I would love for her to share her experience with Elizabeth, and Haylee, and Nathaniel. What prenatal care did, and what it couldn't accomplish as it stands right now - how much more research and treatment is still left to go.

You know, I remember that a baby born before 6 months was considered a miscarriage 15 years ago. But now there are babies born only 4.5 - 5 months, babies born only weighing 2 pounds, babies that fit into the palm of your hands from head to toe! And they make it!

But it doesn't happen by osmosis or wishful thinking! And it's so easy for us to wait until someone else does something about it... unless it's affecting us directly! What is it about our human condition that we have to get beat up by the trials in life before we'll fight back? Because other wise we don't really care?

Either way, here is the link. I thank those of you who have given, because I know it is in your heart to do so! I'm seriously not trying to preach to the choir.


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